Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Cover Change

The Silk Weaver's Wife
by Debbie Rix
Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction
Pub Date 19 Jul 2017   
FTC Reviewed ARC for Bookouture and Net Galley.

In July, I reviewed and ARC for 
The Silk Weaver's Wife. 

This week,  I received  word that they had changed the book cover. 

So, here is the new cover for The Silk Weaver's Wife.

There are many reasons one might change a book cover. I believe a new look  can be refreshing and may attract more emotional impact.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tell Me a Mitzi

Tell Me a Mitzi
by Lore Segal
Dover Publications
Children's Fiction
Pub Date 13 Sep 2017   
ISBN 9780486817750
PRICE $16.95 (USD)


An ALA Notable Book

A School Library Journal Best of the Best Book

A New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year

A National Book Award Finalist

"A must!" declared School Library Journal of this ALA Notable Book and National Book Award Finalist, now available in a glorious new hardcover edition. Blending fantasy and reality in a big-city setting, three unforgettable and wonderfully illustrated tales recount the adventures of Mitzi and her little brother as they attempt to visit their grandparents, recuperate from colds, and meet the president.

My Thoughts

This book was first introduced in the late 70's.  This book contains three stories or 'Mitzis', the name of the little girl who acts as star of each.  The stories are childlike depictions and was a favorite of many kids.

I remember liking the one where everyone gets sick, and thinking it was odd to hear about Mitzi and her younger brother taking a taxi without their parents along, which was often read as a, 'what not to do story'. 

Mitzi is an intelligent young girl who is always on the look-out for a new adventure, and children still enjoy these stories.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Walking with Peety The Dog Who Saved My Life

Walking with Peety
The Dog Who Saved My Life
by Eric O'Grey
Grand Central Publishing
Biographies & Memoirs , Home & Garden
Pub Date 10 Oct 2017 
EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9781478971160
PRICE $26.00 (USD)
FTC Reviewed for Grand Central Publishing and Net Galley


Eric was 150 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. After a lifetime of failed diet attempts, and the onset of type 2 diabetes due to his weight, Eric went to a new doctor, who surprisingly prescribed a shelter dog. And that's when Eric met Peety: an overweight, middle-aged, and forgotten dog who, like Eric, had seen better days. The two adopted each other and began an incredible journey together, forming a bond of unconditional love that forever changed their lives. Over the next year, just by going on walks, playing together, and eating plant-based foods, Eric lost 150 pounds, and Peety lost 25. As a result, Eric reversed his diabetes, got off all medication, and became happy and healthy for the first time in his life-eventually reconnecting with and marrying his high school sweetheart. WALKING WITH PEETY is for anyone who is ready to make a change in his or her life, and for everyone who knows the joy, love, and hope that dogs can bring. This is more than a tale of mutual rescue. This is an epic story of friendship and strength.

My Thoughts

Eric O'Grey was a well educated,  depressed, obese, type 2 diabetic. By his own admission he was becoming  withdrawn and finding it easier to purchase things on-line than go out in public...searching for them. 

Eric is informed in his current state, he may only have 5 years to live. He changes doctors, and changes his perspective when he is told he needs a plant based diet and to adopt a shelter dog. Eric, not having owned a dog before, contacts a shelter and ends up adopting Raider, a border collie Australian Shepherd mix, changing his name to Peety. 

Over the course of the first year, we see how drastically Eric and Peety change. Both bond, consume a plant based diet and loose weight together, becoming more social in the process.

I found this book intriguing after having read The Animals Among Us How Pets Make Us Human, by John Bradshaw. As there is a section in there on the great health benefits of dog ownership ascribed to green space.

"WALKING WITH PEETY" is an inspirational relationship book. It is centered on the bonding of a man, and his dog. It is of those heartwarming stories where you learn how one rescues the other. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Poetry for Kids: Robert Frost

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Title: Poetry for Kids: Robert Frost
Author: Robert Frost 
Editor: Jay Parini 
Illustrator: Michael Paraskevas
Publisher: Quatro Publishing Group MoonDance Press
Published: 01 Oct 2017
Pages: 48
Genre: Chilren's Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Poetry, Culture, United States Poets
ISBN: 9781633222205 
FTC Reviewed For Quatro Publishing Group and Net Galley 


Whether capturing a cold New England winter's evening, or the beauty of an old, abandoned house, four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Frost left an indelible mark on our consciousness. This stunning celebration of his best-loved work includes 35 poems specially chosen for children ages 8 to 14 by author and historian Jay Parini.

Illustrator Michael Paraskevas brings the poems to life with his pitch-perfect scenes, infused with majestic color and quiet simplicity. Poems include “Mending Wall,” “Birches,” “The Road Not Taken,” “Fire and Ice,” and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,”

This gentle introduction also includes commentary, definitions of key words, and an introduction to the poet’s life

My Thoughts

I received Poetry for Kids; Robert Frost, and immensely enjoyed this book which includes 35  poems edited by author and historian Jay Parini and illustrated by Michael Paraskevas. An  introduction to the poet's life, a commentary and definitions of key words are included.

This is the perfect read in that each poem is paired with a scene that relays its charming magical-ness, making this book attractive not only to children but adults who love Frost's poetry too.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Secret Garden

A Secret Garden
by Katie Fforde
Romance , Women's Fiction
Pub Date 13 Sep 2017
FTC Reviewed ARC for Bookouture and Net Galley


Step inside this beautiful novel to discover friendships, secrets and romance …

When Philly starts a new job, working with Lorna in the gorgeous grounds of a beautiful manor house, it marks a turning point in both of their lives.

Philly has never been in love before and is constantly disappointing her mother with her unwillingness to settle down. But all that changes when she meets Lucien, a free spirit with an intriguing past …

Lorna is learning to embrace life on her own, until dashing Jack sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind romance. But is this what Lorna really wants?

When the two women discover a secret garden in the manor house grounds, they are encouraged to restore its forgotten beauty in time for an unforgettable end of summer party. As they work together, secrets are revealed and relationships tested. Will they both find the happy endings they are looking for?

Set against a stunning backdrop, this utterly charming and romantic story is certain to make you smile. Perfect for fans of Susan Mallery, Mary Kay Andrews and Debbie Macomber.

My Thoughts

I just finished reading Katie Fforde's, 'A Secret Garden'. I'd been dying to read this one since I read 'A Vintage Wedding' earlier this month. Apparently Katie Fforde has a huge fan base as 'A Vintage Wedding' quickly rose to be the most favorite posting on this book blog. 

But what I found interesting about 'A Secret Garden' is how it's written. This story follows Lorna and Philly. They work together in the gardens of a manor house. It was wonderful to see the passion they had for their work as they spend time talking about notable plants. Their friendship flourishes, and they discover more about each other, as they happen upon a secret garden.

Reader's are soon introduced to their romantic partners, Jack and Lucien. At times, the romance portion, seems to read more Victorian... than present day.   Having a love interest who is a stone mason, we learn of the decoration to goddesses, such as Pomona who was the goddess of fruitful abundance in ancient Roman religion and myth. And after meeting the baker, pondering our olfactory system, we  can only begin to image the sensational smells at the heritage bread competition.

The  details of plantings are wonderful, as well as the talk of a beautifully-cut dress embroidered with exotic birds and plants. The only part of the book I wasn't too thrilled about was the actual restoration to the secret garden did not occur until late in the book but that is because it was completed for an end of summer party.  And, we learn it'll be a perfectly enchanting place for a wedding. 

If you enjoy a light romance and a little gardening, this may be an ideal read for you.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton The Graphic History of An American Founding Father
Jonathan Hennessey
Justin Greenwood
Publisher: Penguin Random House imprint Ten Speed Press
PRICE: $19.99
ISBN: 978-0-399-58000-0
RELEASE: Aug 8th, 2017
FORMAT Trade Paperback
CATEGORY: Comics & Graphic Novels - Nonfiction - General
FTC Reviewed for Blogging for Books


A graphic novel biography of the American legend who inspired the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential figures in United States history—he fought in the Revolutionary War, helped develop the Constitution, and as the first Secretary of the Treasury established landmark economic policy that we still use today. Cut down by a bullet from political rival Aaron Burr, Hamilton has since been immortalized alongside other Founding Fathers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson—his likeness even appears on the ten-dollar bill. In this fully-illustrated and impeccably researched graphic novel-style history, author Jonathan Hennessey and comic book illustrator Justin Greenwood bring Alexander Hamilton’s world to life, telling the story of this improbable hero who helped shape the United States of America.

My Thoughts

This graphic novel/ biography grants readers access to the history and legacy of  Alexander Hamilton. It takes us on the journey from his childhood in the West Indies, to his death in July 12, 1804. We see a  strong focus on the American Revolution and Continental Congress proceedings and this gives a view of the Founding Father's impact on our society and speaks to historical details such as, "New Money", and the "Law of Primogeniture." 

This historical piece matches a lot of text to each graphic representation.
 did appreciate the historical details,  liked the graphics, and felt Washington's Retreat was very well detailed, as you could see the anguish on the faces, while the withdrawing of troops occured. 

This book is heavily detailed in both graphic content by Justin Greenwood  and language for that era by Jonathan Hennessey. The read is  broken down into 22 segments and some of them contain flashbacks. 

Throughout this reading of the life of Hamilton, we are also introduced to many other historical figures. Among these are, Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, John Adams,  George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

If you are interested in a story that tells about early America, and enjoy graphic novels, then this may be the book for you! 


Artist Justin Greenwood 

Colors: Brad Simpson
Ink/Background Assists: Matt Harding
Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Little Red Wolf

The Little Red Wolf
by Amelie Flechais
Diamond Book Distributors
Lion Forge
Children's Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels
Pub Date 03 Oct 2017   
ISBN 9781941302453
FTC Reviewed ARC for Diamond Book Distributors and Net Galley


Lose yourself in in the dark forests of Amelie Flechais' spectacular artwork. A young wolf, on a journey to bring his grandmother a rabbit, is charmed by the nice little girl who offers to help him... but nice is not the same as good. A haunting fairy tale for children and adults alike.

My Thoughts

This graphic novel is over 80 pages and spun off the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. 

As the description states, it is a haunting fairy tale.

Yes. The story is dark. I would not recommend this for young children. But, the story caused me to surely empathize with wild animals. And, I  found, I wanted the story to continue for a few more pages. 

The illustrations throughout this graphic novel are gorgeous. And, each page itself is a visual feast.

If you wish to see more of the talents of french children's author/ illustrator, Amelie Flechais, she also shares talent with Dreamworks and Hornet animation studios.