Star System

If I review a book, I give an honest review of my thoughts. If it's an advance reader copy (ARC ) the actual review page will have further details in the FTC section. I try to connect my readers to a description/ synopsis of what the book is about, my thoughts, and links to the author or a photo from the galley packet. I set up my stock pile, so reviews appear even when I am not actively reading.  Many of my reviews do appear on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Pleasant2View,  and occasionally Publisher sites and Facebook.

My star system, below, is available to publishers when I have read and reviewed their galley. And, sometimes their departments write and ask for further details or tell me when and where they will be posting another galley for review. 

1 star: strongly disliked it

2 stars: did not enjoy reading

3 stars: occasionally enjoyed it

4 stars: really enjoyed it

5 stars: adored the writing, plot, message, or perhaps I loved all of it.

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