Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Author: Nancy Loewen 
Photographic Interpretations:Tina Mucci 
Release Date:September 1993
Length: 64 Pages
FTC: Purchased book at 'The Next Page Bookstore and More'

I happened into ' The Next Page Bookstore and More' this week.

They seem to have a little bit of everything.

 I browsed through their best sellers children's books stationery

 and gifts. 

I stopped awhile and looked at their rare book collection and then moseyed over through the fiction and non-fiction before arriving at the small collection of Poetry, in the front of the store.

There, I stopped to look at the books of poetry.

I ended up selecting a copy of Nancy Loewen's Biography on Edgar Allan Poe.

I sat down here, and read it awhile, before purchasing it.

My Thoughts

This book is a brief biography of Poe's life. It takes you through his birth in Boston and his youth spent in England. It speaks a bit to his gambling and drinking while at college in Virginia. There is mention of his foster family, his enrollment in the U.S. Army, his marriage to fourteen-year-old Virginia, and his misery and despondency during her illness. Many of his most popular works, were written at the time of her illness and shortly after her demise, which was two years prior to his death, in 1849.

It was a quick and easy read and I really enjoyed the photo interpretations. They are wistful and some have a foggy appearance which seems fitting for a book on Poe. He never seemed to be what one would call a shining beacon of positivity. In truth, he was probably a bit too earnest and analytical for that. And, the fact that he was a perfectionist most likely rubbed some people the wrong way.

What I found most interesting is the section that mentions his writing of reviews. He made reviews popular with his critiques. I also thought it interesting "The Raven' was so popular, there was once talk of replacing the bald eagle and making the Raven our National Bird.  Anyway, I have a growing collection of Poe and was happy to include this one.

Of Note: I have many books on Poe so I have copies of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. I also have read the one that includes an extended excerpt from Mrs. Poe, by Lynn Cullen... which seems to be a sneak peek at her book Mrs. Poe.

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