Hello, person looking at my 'About' page. My name is Lori. My library is located upstairs, hence, my blog is Lori's Book Loft. 

I live in the United States and have been managing this book blog since 2017. This blog has an audience of over 50 countries. Prior to book blogging, I was a library supervisor and freelanced for a publisher. I began reading as a child and began reviewing while working at a public library.  I now review all genres and post about all things bookish, including anything from pretty picture books to those with gorgeous prose. 

To me, a book is a great companion. It is a refuge where I can enter an imaginary world, or escape to a new place and learn new words.  A book permits the opportunity to look at different perspectives, and the rustle of paper, specific scenes, and phrases excite me.  Beyond everything, though a few characters have come close, I remain on my quest to prove I have no DOPPELGANGER!

For the past few years, this blog has been listed in the Top 100 Book Review blogs in many book review indexes. take pleasure in reviewing books and interviewing authors and am pleased that people are drawn here because they are devoted to reading and looking to purchase books. 

 Thank you for stopping by! I hope you find new books to love. 


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