Friday, August 4, 2017

Book Clubs and Discussions

Two popular book cataloging and networking sites are Goodreads and LibraryThing. 

I like that both sites have book discussions and groups. It is good to have access to worldwide libraries too.

 Members who enjoy reading are able to communicate about a  variety of topics from what book they have bought, to the latest advanced reader copies, they have reviewed.  

These sites also have giveaways. And, if you win, you may receive an early reviewer copy, or a free member give away. I was notified this week I will be receiving an early reviewer copy of 'speculative fiction'. I read a lot of children's 'speculative fiction', but not much adult, so this will be a little different for me. 

I have a couple of books in route and have also agreed to review 2 other galley novels from publishers this month, and some more pretty picture books. I plan to get started on these next week.

Here's my Book Club Reads for August. I completed 'O Pioneers!' It is the 1st novel of Willa Cather's, Great Plains Trilogy. It was first published back in 1913. If you are searching for a  Pioneering story that is written descriptively about the plains, it is a good read.

My 3 Book Club reads for August of 2017 are 
  1.  O Pioneers  by Willa Cather  (Author Read)
  2.  The Perfect Summer by Luanne Rice  ( Summertime Read)
  3. The Little Stranger  by Sarah Waters ( Voted Club Member's Choice- on libraries waiting list)
My  2 Book Club Short Story Reads for August of 2017 are 
  1.  Lost Face  by Jack London
  2.  Love is a Fallacy  by Max Shulman
( both are reread for me... I like London's grammar and Shulman's wittiness)

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