Hello, person looking at my 'About' page. My name is Lori. 
My library is located upstairs, hence, my blog is Lori's Book Loft. I love books and perusing library and bookstore shelves. Years ago, I  was a library supervisor, and freelanced for a publisher. The books in my library catalog are ones I own, and or, have read a galley on. 

What's in my Library, you ask? Well, I have a growing collection of lovely old books. In addition, I have newer literary fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, tragic-comic, non-fiction, (animals, art, health, history, home and garden, memoir, science, spiritual, sports, travel), mystery & suspense, outdoor & nature, poetry, graphic novels, comics and pretty picture books.

This blog is dedicated  to books and reviews. I do receive requests to review advanced reading copies (ARC's) and other works. I list these details in the FTC section.  My reviews are made available to publishers, viewers and also libraries who use reviews to expand their collections. I truly believe reading expands awareness. And, I hope this blog helps you find new books to love!

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