Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bark If You Love Me

Author: Louise Bernikow
Publisher: Harvest Books
Published Date:  1st edition (September 13, 2001)
Series: Harvest Book
Paperback: 228 pages

A single city woman meets Mr. Right-he has amber eyes and a wily heart. There's only one catch . . . he has four legs and a tail.

Relatively indifferent to the natural world, allergic to dogs, and happily independent, writer Louise Bernikow never had a pet and knew nothing about caring for one. But one day while running along Manhattan's Hudson River, she came across an abandoned boxer. He had a gimpy leg and a dim past, but Bernikow instantly, bewilderingly, did the one thing her mother always warned her not to do-she brought the strange male home.

Here is the comical and offbeat story of their first year together. Libro, as she comes to call him (for "book," in Spanish), introduces her to the curious world of dog runs and dog people, and to a local dive where the bartender pulls pints from the tap and dog biscuits from the drawer. Bernikow, in turn, introduces Libro to the eccentric neighbors and to life as a media hound. When they meet a handsome man and his equally handsome dachshund,
life takes an unexpected turn for both of them.

Wonderfully written and captivating to the last, this is a remarkable tale of companionship.

My Thoughts
Louise is a single lady who lives in New York. She finds a dog and names him Libro. Louise's later admits she is out - of - control, and has no interest in being converted by a dog. She states, "The dog's owners understand that dogs bad behavior is temporary." She didn't.

 I read this book surrounded by my 3 dogs and felt the dog truths described are spot- on and that is why I liked it.

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