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Code Girls, The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II

Code Girls, The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II
by Liza Mundy
Hachette Books
Pub Date 10 Oct 2017   
Available Editions
EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9780316352536
PRICE $28.00 (USD)
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In the tradition of Hidden Figures and The Girls of Atomic City, Code Girls is the astonishing, untold story of the young American women who cracked key Axis codes, helping to secure Allied victory and revolutionizing the field of cryptanalysis. 

Recruited by the U.S. Army and Navy from small towns and elite colleges, more than ten thousand women served as codebreakers during World War II. While their brothers and boyfriends took up arms, these women moved to Washington and learned the meticulous work of code-breaking. Their efforts shortened the war, saved countless lives, and gave them access to careers previously denied to them. A strict vow of secrecy nearly erased their efforts from history; now, through dazzling research and interviews with surviving code girls, bestselling author Liza Mundy brings to life this riveting and vital story of American courage, service, and scientific accomplishment.

My Thoughts

This well-researched book signifies a period of war where momentous changes occurred. And, I thought it interesting the way the story was told in flashbacks, at times before WWII, to show these differences.

It was apparent that artistic hobbies were considered a good sign of code breaking. Schoolteacher's and young college women were looked at closely for code-breaking, as they were often unmarried, and able to adapt more easily. 

Women interested in serving freely took a loyalty, and secrecy oath.  Even though, at that time, they were not clear on the exact purpose as to why they were being recruited. Women felt it important throughout the war to do their job well, while still doing everything in their power to keep up the morale of the men.

This is cleverly written.  It shows life was moment to moment.This story pointed out the humor, romance, and betrayal during wartime, and the way loss was honored.  

The study of coding and mention of false and non-carrying addition and looping was entirely intriguing. As was the deciphering and deception programs with real traffic and fake traffic. 

These 'Code Girls' had great loyalty, discipline, and focus. Many women took these secrets to their graves. And we see the turmoil and struggle of this life-altering decision, that helped lead to the end of the war, and our nation's gain. 

I felt this book was an excellent read and highly recommend it. 

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