Saturday, July 1, 2017

Finding a Friend

Finding a Friend
by Carol Thomas and Drew Bristow
Children's Fiction
Pub Date 28 Jul 2017  
FTC Reviewed for Matador and Net Galley


As an experienced primary school teacher and mother of four, Carol Thomas knows the importance of inspiring a love of books from an early age. In Finding a Friend, Carol brings her knowledge of developing early literacy skills together with an understanding of creating characters young children will connect with.

The language of the text is purposely rhythmic, rhyming and repetitive - inspiring children to join in, anticipate and repeat words and phrases. The effortlessly emotive illustrations ensure that young children will be able to interpret and discuss the puppy's range of thoughts and feelings. From the engaging language to the charming illustrations.

Finding a Friend is a book created to encourage young children, aged 0 - 5 years, to actively participate in the reading experience.

My Thoughts

Finding a Friend is about a scared little puppy who hides under a fuzzy red blanket until hearing a noise...a giggle. This sweet story covers pet adoption and companionship while teaching children numbers 1-10. The puppy is happy to receive love from the little boy. But, the puppy still needs one thing....a name.

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