Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Turn The Page Books & More

Turn the Page Books & More has and inviting window display and a sign that draws attention and I find that it is true to its name. Here, you'll find Books and more everything for the music lover.

I appreciate the cozy vibe of this store which has an original tin tile ceiling, exposed and restored brick walls and wood floors. 

When I stop in here, I like to meander down the aisle to the back of the store and sit here in one of these sleek black chairs and read in this soft light. Occasionally, looking up from my book of choice, I stop to admire this advertisement for Big Books. 

'Turn the Page Books  & More '  focuses on second-hand books and records. Most books in their store are sorted by genre. There's fiction and non-fiction; westerns, romance, children’s, religious and more. But, my favorite section was their vintage collection of books. Most of them looked to be pre-1960's. 

'Knapsack and Rifle One of the Boys' book. I picked out first as  I appreciate that it contains personal reminiscences and narratives. I also love the red cloth cover and the gold and black gilding on this book.

Title: Knapsack and Rifle
Publisher: Continental Publishing Co, Chicago
Publication Date: 1887
Binding: Hard Cover
Illustrator: E, B. Williams

'Mosses from an Old Manse' was my second selection as it is Nathaniel Hawthorne's second story collection, first published in 1846 in two volumes. It features sketches and tales written over a twenty-year time span. And since I enjoy Hawthorne's work, I am happy to have this too. 

I believe you can never have enough early American collective works. So, I got a lovely hardback copy of American Poems, Early Period. This collection covers the 1700's - mid 1800's. It is a superb collection of some of my favorite poems.

My final selection at this store came from the Children's section. It was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. This book was written by Charles Dodgson under his pen name Lewis Carroll. It is a favorite of mine. 
This is a shop that is impossible for me to leave without a book or record in hand or as often the case many of both.

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