Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Give You My Heart

I Give You My Heart
by Pimm van Hest & Sassafras de Bruyn
Clavis Publishing
Children's Fiction
EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9781605373560
Juvenile Fiction / Family - Multigenerational / Love & Romance / Social Themes - Values & Virtues 
Pub Date 15 Nov 2017   
FTC Reviewed ARC for Clavis Publishing and Net Galley 


Yuto receives a special gift. A gift that will change his life. A gift that moves him and brings him comfort, warmth and shelter. A gift for life. A gift to pass on. A poetic fairy tale with valuable life lessons, 56 pages of stunning artwork and magnificent laser cutouts that will enchant you. The story is about a special life-changing gift; I GIVE YOU MY HEART is an ideal gift itself, one that will change the life of all who read it.

My Thoughts

I am enchanted by this picture book. The poetic tale is beautiful. The words on the pages are surround by captivating images that signify a nurturing  assurance 'when you give love you can grow anything' and  'you are never alone'. All the while depicting, being patient and opening ones heart, to the inevitable cycle of life and loss.

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