Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Children's Board Book Displays

As children, my brother and I would assemble coffee tables and other pieces of furniture and drape them with blankets in our family room. We'd create our own covered city and then gather our favorite children's board books and read there. And, Mom would be there to help us sound out any difficult words we were not sure about. 

I've always enjoyed reading and when I was in high school, I took a job that job allowed me the opportunity to  work with children and help them with reading. In that position, I also pulled ideas from my imagination to create bulletin board displays and book nooks. 

This may be part of the reason why, when I enter a bookstore I am drawn to walls of books with nearby nooks and displays. And personally, I adore rooms with closet turned libraries, cable spool library tables, and tree shelves. 

In the photo above, I was walking through the children's section at a nearby bookstore and happened to see the display of boards books above. And, the display for Counting Sleepy Sheep caught my eye. It is well illustrated!  And definitely stands out among the other lovely board books on display.

If you want to know more about it 

Counting Sleepy Sheep 
by Rory Zuckerman and Illustrated by Maryn Roos.
ISBN 0979639336 (ISBN13: 9780979639333)

Published October 28th, 2007 by Little Lion 

Goodreads Description

Clever and captivating bedtime stories for preschoolers from Parents' Choice Award-winning entertainer Rory Zuckerman (former host of TLC's "Rory's Place"). Enjoy four new books introducing numbers, shapes, colors, and letters! Your kids will love these oversize padded board books with vibrant illustrations! Audio CD included in each book.

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