Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kitty's Magic 1 Misty the Scared Kitten

Kitty's Magic 1
Misty the Scared Kitten
by Ella Moonheart
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Children's Fiction
Pub Date 20 Feb 2018   
EDITION Paperback
ISBN 9781681193854
PRICE $5.99 (USD)
FTC Reviewed ARC for Bloomsbury USA Children's Books and Net Galley


Kitty always wanted a cat of her very own, even though they make her eyes puffy and her nose tickly. When her best friend's new kitten, Misty, causes Kitty to have a sneezing fit in the middle of their sleepover, something magical happens--Kitty turns into a cat!

Being cat and human means that Kitty can have the best of both worlds! But with this special power comes a new role: Kitty becomes the Guardian of the local cats' Cat Council and must help them find the purrfect solution to their feline problems. Kitty's first challenge comes when Misty is too scared to go outside because of trouble in the neighborhood. Can Kitty's magic help Misty to be braver?

Ella Moonheart grew up telling fun and exciting stories to anyone who would listen. Now that she’s an author, she’s thrilled to be able to tell stories to so many more children with her Kitty’s Magic books. Ella loves animals, but cats most of all! She wishes she could turn into one just like Kitty, but she’s happy to just play with her pet cat, Nibbles--when she’s not writing her books, of course!

My Thoughts

I must say this book is not anything like I expected and yet it is exactly like its description.

So, what was I thinking?

I imagine my thought has something to do with our dogs.

When we yell Kitty, they all run and look out the window to see if the neighborhood kitty is sitting on our porch. A spot she frequently seems to fancy.

So, despite the cover with a cute kitty and girl. The girl, Kitty, learns that she and other females in her family become ...well...Kitty's. 

Are you following me?

"Human hands to kitten paws. Human fingers to kitten claws."

 Hummm.  Yes, I think there must be a little bit of magic in this story and I did like the descriptive writing and adorable illustrations. Plus it was fun to see cats mentioned whose names we've heard before.

 Kitty soon becomes the Guardian of the local cats' Cat Council and in order to help other cats with their problems she must trust her human and cat heart.

A cute read that is purfectly whimsical.

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