Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kat's RATS: The Declassified History of World War II

Kat's RATS: The Declassified History of World War II (The Adventures of Kat’s COMMANDOS Book 2)
by Michael Beals


This is the untold adventure and best-kept secret of how Kat and her Commandos paved the way for one of the most successful and greatest battles of World War II... "OPERATION TORCH."

This is book 2 in the series of "The Adventures of Kat's Commandos."


Operation Torch, the first grand foray of the combat-virgin US Army into North Africa, is just weeks away and already on the rocks. Only Kat and her team from the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare are in a position to stave off the impending disaster, but who will listen to a bunch of off-the-books assassins? With their only contact to the outside world lost and their cover blown, Kat and the gang join up with an unlikely rebel group to give the Germans a sneak peak at the worst circles of hell. Slashing, bombing and scalping Nazi's from Libya to Casablanca, they methodically prep the invasion beachheads to give Patton and his war dogs a chance.

All in a day's work, until the vicious mouse and tiger game with Oberführer Pernass takes an off-the-rails turn.

For once, even Kat is helpless in the face of the Gestapo's most insane Wunderwaffen yet.

 May contain spoilers

My Thoughts

This action adventure of a woman in a special warfare group was quick and easy read. It contains pictures from the public domain of the Imperial War Museum (UK) and Bundesarchiv (Germany ) and a helpful listing of Acronyms and Slang/Terminology is located in the back.

This fictional tale starts off with Kat and Sargent Dore dodging patrols. In truth, it was a good idea to save energy because frankly they needed more ammo and they needed more troops.  

What's the commotion all about? 

As shrapnel rains down around Kat's Rats.They move westward. Now, most of us would think this makes perfect sense but it all seems very complex as one is often questioning if there is any hard intel. 

The enemy has a full regiment which pushes Kat to skillfully and miraculously survive. 

As dust clouds form and carpet bombs drop Kat's Rats continue to maneuver. And against the odds, we find, they dig in their heels and become more determined to succeed against the Gestapo's superweapons.

After all, Kat's a firm believer and has been taught to never outsmart your common sense because some things worth dying for are worth living for. 

I won a free advance copy of this book to read on LibraryThing Giveaways

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