Thursday, March 8, 2018

Purrfection How to Achieve Balance and Happiness Through Your Cat

How to Achieve Balance and Happiness Through Your Cat
by Sophie Macheteau
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
Health, Mind & Body, Outdoors & Nature
Pub Date 28 Apr 2018 
EDITION Paperback
ISBN 9780764355011
PRICE $12.99 (USD)
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Cats can be the perfect remedy for today's stressful life. They fascinate us, amuse us, and melt our hearts: how can one resist those big eyes and that furry little face? Discover dozens of ways to draw on the power of cats to help us relax and to reinforce this special feline bond that brings us so much well-being. Downloadable audio offers 30 minutes of various cats purring so you can take advantage of that soothing sound wherever you are, even if you don’t have a cat (yet)! Enjoy information and activities related to every aspect of cats; tips for holding a kitty shower to welcome your new arrival; advice on brushing, special herbs, and other care that can optimize your connection with your cat; 7 yoga poses that work while you hold your cat; 4 projects to enhance your fashion status; feline apps and websites (a Google Maps for cats!); and more!

My Thoughts

For many years we had cats.You know the ones that draw the attention of all your family and friends.

There was our escape artist, Sissy. She would open our back door by jumping up on the counter and turning the knob with her paw where she would escape out the back and then come around and stand and meow on the front porch until we'd let her back in. 

There was Nerdle who had a sense of direction like no other cat and liked to journey. She'd leave my brothers home in the country and find her way to our home. One day she even brought along 2 kittens on her journey.

Then there was Pierre who would fetch for us. Pierre's favorite things to fetch were small paint brushes, but he would fetch heavier objects, too. We learned this one Christmas as Pierre removed our candy canes from our tree and brought them to us. What a special gift that was!

The cover of Purrfection reminds me of many of our cats. They liked to stretch out in a sunny spot. 

Purrfection offers a great deal of insight into cats.It starts out with an overview of cat history and goes over the superpowers and offers advice on important things such as feeding, brushing and what foods to avoid.

It explores our connection to cats and includes the ever popular 'Purr Therapy'.

I especially liked the section "Between the Two of Us' as there are things like cat stretching and signs of love. And, Kitty Fashions" is a fun section for those of us who enjoy crafting. 

This book also includes the benefits employers recognize when they allow staff to bring their cats to work.

In truth, the majority of bookstores we frequent have cats which roam the isles. So when I want to read a book on cats, I go where I can pet one or two.

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