Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sea Of Hope

Sea of Hope
Penelope Marzec
Paperback: 273 pages
Publisher: Independently published (March 2, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1980433259
ISBN-13: 978-1980433255
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds


After being assaulted in the city, Doria Hanrahan returns to her hometown, jobless, paranoid, and expecting to cash in on her father's fishing trawler. When she discovers the trawler has been willed to Murray Santoro, who cared for her father during his final illness, she is filled with anger and guilt. Desperate for cash she joins the crew of the Merrichase. On the ocean, far from land, she learns Murray is not only a doctor but suspected of murder and awaiting trial. She cannot comprehend how her father trusted Murray. She suspects Murray coerced her father to change his will.

Murray finds Doria a true test of his new faith with her stubborn attitude and lack of trust. As challenges mount on their voyage, he struggles with his Christian principles. He can't assume he has a future and his hope falters. Yet, it is Doria's surprising strength and compassion which inspire him to be a better disciple. Then his past returns and threatens to destroy everything.


My Thoughts

I was hooked on Doria and Murray's story from the get-go. 

This read starts off with Doria's character mourning the loss of her dad, in addition to a split from her boyfriend, and loss of her job. If that wasn't enough, we learn her dad left his trawler, the Merrichase, to Murray.  The emotional upheaval, caused by these chain of events, allowed readers to have a clear picture of how Doria may be unwilling to compromise and be likely to overreact. 

Murray, on the other hand, loved his job as a doctor. He had taken comfort in being befriended by Doria's dad, Ed. Now, that Ed was gone Murray had lost hope. Murray was afraid to look ahead to the future, as the upcoming murder trial was always on his mind. 

Father Zaleski, Uncle Walter, Pam, Rich, and George were all unique supporting characters that brought an added dimension to the plot. None of these supporting characters were flat. I like that we slowly gain more details about them. I also felt the children, and the way they were included, brought a lot more depth to this read.

Chad was Doria's former high school classmate. Chad was the class clown and held a secret for many years that damaged Doria's reputation. We see Chad flub things as he tries to make amends with Doria. We also meet Alex and Doria's x-boyfriend, Ted. Neither are good boyfriend material.

My very favorite part of this read is the setting and I was thrilled when they took the Merrichase out of port. Combining the beauty of the setting with the open honesty of flawed character's makes this a well-balanced read that is definitely worth checking out!

I received this reissued Christian romance, through the generosity of the author for an honest review. And the book has a lovely new cover. This book was originally published back in 2001 and was a 2002 winner of EPIC's eBook Award for 'Best Inspirational'.

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