Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins

Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins

Robert Crown
Print Length: 290 pages
Publisher: Robert Crown 
Publication Date: November 30, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

How Does a Child's Life Change When His Mother Tries to Murder Him? It's one of the most profound betrayals imaginable, and it can follow the victim into adulthood, into all he does with his life, tainting his sense of self and his relationships with others. How does a man's life change when he discovers that with his thoughts, his imagination, and his ability to listen to his higher self, he has the power to overcome the devastating events of his past and build a new life and a family?

This is The Inspiring True Story of Robert Crown's amazing journey out of the darkness of his childhood and into a world brightly illuminated by the power of positive understanding and purposeful thought. It's the story of rejecting the victimhood he once embraced and finding the answers that allowed him to embrace the power to create a new life using universal spiritual laws.

My Thoughts

If you have read my blog, you know I always check out the description. So I dove into the description and then I tiptoed into this read, because I expected some dramatic, aching in my stomach, emotionally heart wrenching, type of reaction to this read, and that is exactly what I got.

Honestly, early on, I found myself strumming my fingers in a feeble attempt to dispel some of the anxiety I felt. Due to the horrifying occurrences, I downed my coffee and was gripping my Ipad until the very last page.

This read is it is not sugar-coated. It's straightforward about the message of what was occurring, and any details left out, we can pretty much imagine. In the first chapter, we see that a sickly young boy and his sisters are being manipulated and physically and emotionally harmed. Some of  Robert's recollections are amusing, like the section referencing Orwell's 1984, and when he tells readers, "I was able to do a "Neo" like in the Matrix."

What interested me the most in this book was the way Robert handles himself. I'm not saying readers will agree with all of the decisions, some early behaviors were self-sabotaging, but others were wise. The recognition that something was wrong and making his way to the door.... the sitting on the other side in the vehicle... both turned out to be life-preserving decisions.

This is a pretty quick read. We do see Robert struggle to fit in and witness his heartbreak. We see a transformation from him being betrayed to being loyal and from experiencing failure to achieving his own ambition. This story really speaks to the importance of putting thoughts in perspective, and to help others that have experienced trauma, Robert wrote this inspirational book.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.