Sunday, May 6, 2018

Stick Pick

Stick Pick
by Steven Sandor
James Lorimer & Company
Lorimer Children & Teens
Middle Grade,Sports
Pub Date 01 Aug 2018 
$8.99 USD
12.95 CAD
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Star player Janine leads her hockey team to victory at the provincial championships. But on the way home from the game, a car accident leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. Her best friend and teammate, Rowena, urges Janine to look into sledge hockey.
Adapting to her new life, Janine meets frustration at every turn. Soon Janine begins to appreciate her new sport. Her experiences lead her to speak up about rights for the disabled, taking her cause all the way to the professional sports arena. She might be a sledge hockey rookie, but she knows she's up for any challenge.
Based on real-life experience and research, this story tracks the emotional and physical challenges of facing a disability.

My Thoughts

I have watched the sport of hockey more than any other sport in my lifetime so I was drawn to this story. I think many of us who know the sport of hockey is aware what injuries some star players have received from car accidents. 

In this read, Janine is the star and on victory night she gets in an accident and her injuries cause paralysis from the waist down. She spends time in the hospital marking the days off with an X.

I enjoyed this read. Her 'Patient Diary' was a tribute to learning to survive her tragedy. Her opinion of the visits she described was very telling as was her adjustment to returning home and to school.  There were parts of the section of 'Coming Home' and 'The Presentation' that were humorous and the description of Sledge Hockey was well written.

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