Monday, July 16, 2018

Book Loving Instagram

 I recently opened an Instagram account for Lori's Book Loft and while much of it is loaded with images of bookshelves filled from the floor to ceiling, some of it is devoted to one book at a time, like The Best Known Works of Edgar Allan Poe, which I was kindly gifted.

How this all came about is a few months ago, I saw one of my husband's friends posted on his FB page that he hadn't read a book in years and I thought that was odd as the First County Library in the United States, shown below, is located only 10 minutes from his home.

Shortly after this,  I heard a group of people talking about all the images they were checking out on Instagram. So, I thought an Instagram account might be a good way to draw people to books.


After all, I started a blog to share my love of books and I'm aware that readers often need to see a book multiple times before they will be willing to buy it.

In all honesty, what I have learned while pouring over coffee, and clicking through page after page of Instagram accounts, is more than it being visually interesting with antique typewriters, and gorgeous shelves, and shops,  I find it is a quick way, for me, to find a variety of personal perspectives on  everything from contemporary to rare editions, while providing helpful recommendations on new releases and I love that it permits me to translate languages with the click of the button. 

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