Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Book ReViews Used Books

In keeping with my current interest in collecting 19-century books, I perused bookshelves, in Ohio at The Book ReViews Used Books.

This store sells sheet music, music CDs and a  variety of books covering all topics, including vintage. I appreciate bookstores that offer seating, and I always seem to find a place to comfortably read while here.

I have mentioned in previous posts how I love old hardcovered books. My first selection was Twenty Years of Hus'ling by James Perry (J. P.) Johnston, illustrations by Denslow, 1887. I had read a review stating this was an interesting read and contained some humor of the day and  I skimmed through while seated here.

 My second selection was 
First Steps with American and British Authors by Albert Franklin Blaisdell. It is filled with creative writing and poetry. It is a hardcover, black spined HB w/ gold lettering. Copyright 1899. 

Young Lives by Richard Le Gallienne 1899 was another selection I made after recognizing the name of the author. I'd read some of his work on Project Gutenberg and enjoyed it. He was an English author and poet and the father of American actress Eva Le Gallienne. I set here and read through it awhile.

My final selection was The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, with a Biographical Introduction by Henry Glassford Bell. 

This book is beautifully illustrated with over 60 photo engravings and 20 colored pictures of histrionic artists. All of this is contained in a lovely antique leather cover. 

Since I spent a rather large portion of time here at this bookstore, I was happy to find I could go to the back of the store an still access a connection on my cell phone.  This gave me the opportunity to check in on the latest updates and discussions in my online book club. 

The clerk working this day was absolutely wonderful. She was 
well versed in the collections they have in the store. I noticed she had a German accent and showed her an image of a book I own and had been unable to decipher.  She kindly read it to me in German and then she explained the contents so I could understand.  I was most pleased with the experience. It is impossible to purchase just one book here.

Book ReViews Used Books
123 S Main St, 
Bluffton, OH 45817

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