Friday, July 6, 2018

Most Read Authors

Hey, blog readers! I have seen this post floating around a couple of my book club friends' blogs! So, I thought it I would see what authors I’ve read the most books from! Even though I seldom review their work, I do tend to collect/ read their books.

Gene Stratton Porter was a nature photographer, and naturalists in addition to being an author. I love all of her work and appreciate that fact that she received legislative support for the conservation of the Limberlost Swamp and other wetlands of Indiana which I enjoy visiting.

Mary Higgins Clark is well known for her suspense novels. For years, I have collected her books. I share these reads with my Mother. So, if you see me carrying a large bag of Higgins-Clark books you know I am either coming from or heading to my Mother's home.

Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his poetry and short stories. I have his complete works. I also collect old editions of Poe.  I have a fondness for old movies with actor Vincent Price which are often based on Poe's work. I also enjoy reading graphic novels about Poe's tales and poetry too.

Nicholas Sparks I was gifted the book Dear John while recuperating from surgery and since then I've been purchasing his other works. If I sit down to watch a movie at home nowadays, it's often based on a Sparks book. 

Jane Austen I love that Austen's observative plots explore the social commentary of the limited options for women and often you witness a disdain in her writing.

Charles Dickens I appreciate his wordiness and his use of poor social conditions and he writes the best descriptive characters many endearing and some repulsive.

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