Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Next Page Bookstore & More

Established in August 2005, I first visited the Next Page Bookstore & More many years ago. It is an enchanting multi-floor store with a variety of new and previously owned books. Now, they function as a bookshop with gifts and have a small room available for conference meetings and special occasions. And, I'm informed they have almost finished the remodel of the Bistro into a  Pizzeria.

The atmosphere here in this independent bookstore is very relaxed. Occasionally, there is a table devoted to lazy day beach reads or other works. So,  I often grab a book and walk across the wooden floors to sit in one of these comfy chairs, next to this cool looking lamp, and read the back covers. 

If I am not there, you will likely find me here sitting on the floor looking at the books in the poetry section.  You can see where I have removed a book from the bottom shelf.  Do you care to guess which book it was?

Yes! It was Poe by Nancy Loewen. This book was a great purchase and a quick and easy read. I also really enjoyed the photo interpretations. They are wistful and some have a foggy appearance which seems fitting for a book on Poe. 

There are many sections in this store worth visiting. Another section that I spend a lot of time is in the children's section. They have this lovely decorated nook on the corner of the main floor. And you can follow the 'Cat in the Hat' up their creatively painted staircase to shelves on the floor above. 

In addition to a great collection of new and used books, there is also many great gift items including, scented candles, maps, toys, and coffee mugs. And if you are like me one can never have too many coffee mugs.

The Next Page  Bookstore & More

208 W Monroe St

Decatur, Indiana

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