Friday, October 5, 2018

Chronicles of the Anti-Christ by J.M. Harrison

Chronicles of the Anti-Christ 

J.M. Harrison

·                                 Paperback: 168 pages
·                                 Publisher: Covenant Books (February 7, 2018)
·                                 Language: English
·                                 ISBN-10: 1640032444
·                                 ISBN-13: 978-1640032446
·                                 Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches


At the end of WWII certain Nazis concoct a plan to keep their dreams alive. It was a secret kept by the escaping officers of the Third Reich. Their plans were running smoothly until a file named “The Messiah Project” is discovered by Arianna Newton, a local TV news reporter. In it was a startling discovery about Martin Voors, current governor of Texas.

Jacob Black’s whole world was crumbling. He had been a senior aide to Governor Martin Voors, but now he was out. Arianna Newton had been telling him for the last two years the National Society of the Phoenix (NSP) and its leader, Governor Martin Voors were deeply flawed, but he didn’t believe her until now. He wanted to meet with her, but she blew him off. A man from the NSP breaks into Arianna’s apartment and rapes her and he would have killed her if she didn’t escape. Luckily Jacob Black was in the parking garage and he decides to help her, but was it a coincidence he was there? She isn’t too sure she should trust him, but what choice does she have? The NSP own the police.

They seek refuge with a Christian group, The Remnant of Christ, but before long now president Martin Voors tyrannical government raids the compound forcing them to flee.

Can Jacob and Arianna escape from the NSP? What is in The Messiah Project file that they are willing to kill to keep its secrets?

My Thoughts
When I saw the title “Chronicles of the Anti - Christ” I thought this book might be too sinister to read and then I read the prologue and threw caution to the wind as I wondered what the final piece of the puzzle would be.

Harrison begins this thrilling tale in 1945 Berlin and immediately we are in a state of shock and suspense. 

Kunst Hauptman is a prideful German with a heavy German accent. He is taken to a location and moved into a room and sitting there is Joseph Goebbels. Hauptman salutes him by extending his right arm from the neck into the air with a straightened hand. Joseph salutes back. Heil Hitler is exchanged.

Hauptman is then asked to carry out a special mission for Germany and he is warned it could be suicide. Placed into his hand is an envelope containing The Messiah Project.

Thereafter, Hauptman boards a train and travels to the Spanish Coast to Costa Del Sol for an arranged meeting with a person who goes by the name M.   

Hauptman waits almost 2 weeks with the satchel which holds contents which could save the Reich, during this time he learns the distressing news that Adolf Hitler is dead and Germany surrenders.  

Eventually, Hauptman meets up with M.

Going forward, Jacob Black had been a senior aide to Governor Martin Voors and a member of the secret society, which basically owns the police. Jacob teams up with the reporter, Arianna Newton who has been investigating the secret society and we see a mounting trust issue between these two. 

In the midst of the tale, we learn of implanted devices, cybersecurity, government raids, and suspicious deaths.

The suspense grows throughout this past-present tense political thriller that has biblical verses mixed in and one constantly wonders what will happen next. 

I found the history and story characterization intriguing and the dialogue and descriptions work well. It's been raining much of the day and this is one great rainy day read. 

I received this book through the generosity of the author.

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