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Dark Chains, LaTasha “ Tacha B.” Braxton

LaTasha “ Tacha B.” Braxton

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·                                 Publication Date: April 7, 2018
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Dark Chains is an inspirational and spiritual autobiography about a misguided young girl who struggles to survive mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Plagued by decades of pain, mental illness and generational curses. She enters a life without God at a young age, and finds herself infatuated with the idea of escaping and never returning to the abusive life she once was subjected, manipulated and conditioned to living in. This book was created to help young girls and boys who are going down a dark path, it is meant to open minds and change their perspectives for the greater. It was created to help overcome the pain and anger endured from a dysfunctional family and lifestyle in order to become who God initially wanted them to be. This book will heal the wounds of mentally and emotionally hurt families who aren't aware that they've been conditioned to live immorally due to the pains that plagued them and the many generations that came before them. It is a read from an author who can easily relate to those who inhabit a lost soul and a broken heart. It is inspiring and will create understanding and hope to many and create a positive pattern for many more to come.

My Thoughts

I enjoy exploring family history as I have a better sense of the trials and tribulations my ancestors went through and that helps explain how I came to be.

As I began this book, I felt there was much opportunity for things to be extraordinary for this family, but, deceit, addictions, betrayal, abuse caused the destruction of lives, and all the while the children witnessed their parent's relationship deteriorating.

I felt such empathy towards the author and her sister as they watched things spiral out of control. I’m actually amazed at how self-aware Braxton is considering the overwhelming sense of pain and loss she must have felt. Instead, she shows us that she dealt with this hardship realizing it was only temporary, and she shielded herself with His word, leaping out in faith.

This well-written autobiography teaches all that if there is ever a dark time, a moment of doubt or confusion, or difficult circumstance that you are going through - that negative familial patterns do not have to persist, they can be temporary. You can step out and make a change.  Dark Chains can be broken.

About the Author

LaTasha “Tacha B.” Braxton is quite complex, a beautiful mystery. An intricately woven entity made up of everything right about creation. Her mind is a cavern of creativity. Her heart is big, but the love encapsulated within it is a buried treasure. The kind one wouldn’t readily discover the significance of unless they were extremely determined and intentional about finding. Then there’s her soul. Vibrant as a moonlight glow, but it’s constantly at war. She’s suffered a lot. Has been disappointed by most and naturally carries her skepticism openly of everyone who tries to get close. Her force field is not easily penetrable, but it’s not impossible to. Her greatest joy is the life of her baby boy. A young inquisitive genius that has taught her much about life and challenges her to grow each day. If she was literally a flower. He would most undoubtedly be her water. This is her reason to live above all, and it’s this unconditional love that causes her to flourish. LaTasha “Tacha B.” Braxton’s gift is her writing. This is how she communicates to the world. Whether it comes out in the form of music, poetry or in a novel. If you want to know exactly who she is, these are the chambers you can go to.

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