Monday, October 15, 2018

Devoted to Reading

Lori's Book Loft has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Book Review Blogs on the web. Yes, I'm informed my blog was chosen from thousands of top Book Review blogs in their index using search and social metrics. I'm pleased with this as I expect it means people are checking out Lori's Book Loft and drawn to purchase books because they are devoted to reading.

If you are wondering where my devotion to books came from I believe it goes back to childhood. Mom and I would stand in line at the public library waiting for the door to open. Unlike home, our library had thousands of books. They had picture books, folklore, poetry, biographies, as well as fiction and non-fiction titles on a variety of topics. In addition to books, there were activities offered at the main library, and tracking the books we'd read made us eligible for prizes. 

Occasionally, people will email me and mention that when they reached adulthood they stopped reading or rarely read at all. I believe this happens when you are not challenged. So, challenge yourself and find a location where you love to READ! 

I personally like to grab a book and a blanket and go sit near the park pond. 

If you don't have a park like this nearby, you could grab a good book and go to your cozy corner at home or drive to a nearby coffee shop.

For many years, I have enjoyed having a familial partner to read with. It doesn’t mean we are reading the same book at the same time, or that we are in the same home. It just means there is a common bond and we are enjoying a reading experience.

In the case of Mom and me, we share Mary Higgins Clark’s books and then discuss them briefly.  I know Mom is currently involved in reading Weep No More, My Lady. I also know she was totally freaked out by Loves Music, Loves to Dance. I mean really FREAKED! And, who could blame her? There's a hair-raising serial killer running around who meets women through personal ads and he always happens to have a pair of dancing shoes with him which he later uses as part of the woman's attire. C R E E P Y!

Now onto something less creepy.

Our adorable dog Monroe is frequently by my side when I read which is comforting. 

Do you find challenges comforting? Challenges are often used to draw people to books, and to read more books. 

There are book quizzes and many word puzzles available online. Currently, I've been enjoying the ones at LibraryThing where readers answer questions using titles of books they've recently read. Last month,  I had fun participating in a treasure hunt where clues were given and you have to hunt through book titles or locations within a website. 

Beyond challenges,  local libraries and book clubs are an excellent way to forge the love for reading. At the Gathering Volumes Bookstore, in addition to book tours, they list their book club names on their blackboard.

What I enjoy about book clubs is that you know you do not have to share the same opinion to appreciate a book. You might read a book and think Woo-Hoo and someone else read the same book and think it's Hoo-Hum and vice versa.  Yes! In book clubs,  the individuality of opinions stands out, and better yet, it is welcomed. Here, you don’t feel you need to pigeonhole yourself to a select a group of reads as you may find you lose your love for reading in general. If you love mysteries and want to stick with them fine but if you feel yourself getting bored, change things up and try something different for a while. 

Another thing I love about book clubs is the discussion of books goes beyond asking the question did you like the book. It's more of an open discussion of the breakdown. Here's an example , "I felt the author kept a very long narrative moving despite all the improbable coincidences and farces abounding". 

Most people who have read through my reviews know that I seldom choose a book by the cover. When a publishing company or author approaches me I always read the synopsis. Undoubtedly, I do love breathtakingly beautiful writing styles where the characters shine. 

Yes! I appreciate books that I feel may have beautiful moments. Words do draw my attention and it's often the desire for adventure and the detailing of the propensity for risks that make a plot one I won't easily forget.  I adore books that promote a diverse community with healing and love.  But, I also gravitate to books that are vivid and haunting and quirky and that will hold my attention like the power of mystery, science fiction and also that of many classic tales.
Another way to get excited about reading is by attending book presentations, listening to podcasts, poetry recitals, and children's story times. 

I love to review books, lots of books! Books make me smile, they make me laugh, they make me cry. Books help me focus, they improve my imagination and they reduce my stress. Yes! A book is an excellent gift for anyone and especially for those devoted to reading.

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