Monday, October 1, 2018

The Last Amazon

If you are searching for a post-apocalyptic hyper-realistic Graphics Art Novel you will want to check out The Last Amazon .

Danni Winters (Lauren Drain Kagan) and other cosplay models immerge and contribute to this storyline. Combining these strong women with dialog boxes, blog posts, detailed interviews, illustrated infographics, and theories made this storyline seem all the more plausible.

This story is set in the same universe as Rune of the Apprentice and is a prequel to Rune. 

I know World War II lasted about 6 years. 

Tragically, I learn, World War III causes the collapse of civilization in significantly less time than it would take me to paint my nails.

Yes! The world building is awesome and it's easy to see that societal divisions are influenced with espionage and Artificial Intelligence

I love the introduction into this photo-realistic novel and felt the pace flowed very well. It grabbed me at “1 Warning found’ and held me with patterns of data, and many outstanding illustrations.

Most significant to me was the empathy I felt when reading the manifesto which was dated April 25th, a day that we know indicated the end of WWII and heralded the start of the Cold War. 

Beyond that, I found the names, data routing, ID, medical exam, security breach, and memorandum very illuminating.

In the year is 2050, only two cities remain, The Denver Denizens, and Hawaii's Azureus Islands. 

Where would you rather be?

An advance copy of  this spectacular post-apocalyptic hyper-realistic  graphic art novel was provided by the generosity of the author, Jamison Stone, for an honest review.

My Author Spotlight on Jamison Stone and David Granjo is here.

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