Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Book Blog Benefit

Most authors I work with know that it takes a lot of effort to write a book. There’s the writing, re-writing, editing, and the proofreading, and then comes the hard part of getting your book out there where people can see it.

That is normally where I step in. I’m on a growing list of publisher’s prospects for galleys. 

Long before I blogged, I was a library supervisor and publishing houses content creator. As such, I’m familiar with the importance of a consistent marketing strategy. I also know the forgetting curve (decline of memory retention), is associated with most everything we study. It’s most noticeable the first 24 hours after learning something and beyond that much of the material slips the mind to the point you only recall bits and pieces.  

At times, I do wish for abilities like my superheroes. If so, more than superhuman strength, I’d want the power of enhanced memory. But since I’m lacking, I read, take notes while reading, and begin my review immediately after putting the book down.

It's not surprising that my review submissions have grown as every author who provides a book wants a quick review, that is why I stipulate in my policy guidelines, I cannot accept books for review if the review must be posted by a certain date. 

I love books and want to make every attempt possible to enjoy what I’m reading. The better my analysis, the more likely people will find the review material worth the effort, and we all know it only takes a click to purchase a book.

This week top 10 audience is from the United StatesCanadaGermanySwitzerlandUkraineFrancePolandSpainBosnia & Herzegovina, and India.

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