Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book Blog Terms the ABC's

When speaking about book blogging here are some of the definitions for terms I frequently use.

    Already Beat Challenge. When surpassing your book challenge.

     Affiliate Links
Many bloggers participate in various affiliate programs, which means that the blogger will get a small commission when you make a purchase by clicking on one of the blogger’s affiliate links. This often helps supports book habits us book bloggers have.

·   ARC or Galley ( Advanced Reader Copy) 
Publishers send bloggers copies of upcoming releases, so bloggers can read and review the books prior to publication. These are called ARC’s. Bloggers are not required to review every ARC they receive, but most of the publishers I deal with are curious and follow my blog to see my reviews and some even request feedback from me about the books. These usually arrive stamped with 'Advanced Reader Copy - Not for Resale'.

·   Auto-Buy Author
When you will read every single thing a certain author writes. Example my reading of Blake Sebring.

·   Backlist
A book that was published before the current year. I use to be pretty big on backlist reading but have recently gotten away from it. I do appreciate a variety of genres and tend to strive to find many new books comparable to classics.

    Reading all (or many) of the books in a series in a row.

    Cliffie/ Cliffhanger. 
     A book that ends in the middle of a dramatic moment and you have to wait until the next book to find out what happens.

·    DNF (Did Not Finish)
 If I can not get into a read. I put it down and try again at a  later date. If I still can’t get into it is NAK, not a keeper.

·    Edelweiss and Netgalley
 I use to get most of my ARCs from here and since being listed in the top 100 book blogs on the internet by feed spot metric calculations, I now get most of my books directly from publishing houses, publicists an authors requesting reviews.

·   Free Range Reading
Reading whatever you want. Many bloggers choose what they read based on the ARCs they have and when those books will be published. If you’re not a book blogger it’s likely you are a free range reader or auto buy reader.


    Published by a small independent publisher.

International Standard Book Number. A unique number that identifies a published book.

Manuscript (the copy of the book that’s actually written or typed by the author).

   Not A Keeper

    Physical Copy
    Often in reference to an ARC. It means that you have a hardcover or paperback version of the book, not an ebook.

·   Reading Hangover 
    When you read a book and know the next one will likely not live up to its standard.

·   Reading Slump/Blogging Slump
    Feeling uninspired  in reading or blogging

    Recovery Book
    What it states- a book that will help you recover
    Review to Come

    Published by the author 

   A mixture of “shelf” and “selfie" of bookshelves.

   Anything in your review/discussion that reveals books details.

    TBR To-Be-Read 
    The books that you plan to read

    Traditionally Published
     Published by one of the major publishing houses.

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