Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Timothy's Adventures by Tanya Packer

ISBN 978-1-9736-2688
Publisher: Westbow Press
Genre: Children's devotional book
Geared for grade 3/4 consisting of 96 pages
Released: May 23, 2018

Cover blurb: Getting along with others can be difficult, especially if there is something different about you. In author Tanya Packer’s book Timothy’s Adventures, you’ll meet Timothy, who lives in a big multicultural city. Join Timothy, his puppy, and his buddies as they make new friendships while sharing Bible stories that help them deal with racism, bullies, and other difficult situations that they are dealing with. Each chapter includes a devotional with questions meant to generate meaningful discussions for the entire family while having fun at the same time.

My Thoughts

This children's book follows friends Timothy, Benjamin, Claire, and Tyrone as they reminisce about church picnics and then race down the block towards the church to meet their new teacher, Paul. ( Reader’s will recall that in the Bible, Paul entrusts Timothy with important assignments.)

Paul begins by relating to his classroom Biblical stories such as Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. And, each short chapter throughout this book provides a time for discussion with questions and comparable biblical verses. 

The next lesson Paul relays is the story of David and Goliath in the chapter titled, Love, Forgiveness and Slingshots.

About halfway through the book, in the chapter titled Sewing One Friend at a Time, is the story of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors.

The final chapter Drama Behind the Scenes is about the importance of love and celebrating other's success.

This book is written to help children recognize their history and native language and to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. It's geared to assist children in dealing with situations they are facing today such as bullying, jealousy, racism, and other difficult circumstances. It also teaches children the importance of coming to the aide of others, like friends and lovable little puppies.

Timothy's Adventures was provided by the author, Tanya Packer, for an honest review. Packer also provides other devotionals for children such as Kaylee's Easter Treasure and Kaylee's Adventures and she's currently working on a YA fantasy novel. 

About the Author

Tanya Packer has a master of divinity with a specialization in educational ministries. She has been actively involved in family ministry for more than fifteen years. She enjoys helping young people make the connection between the Bible and their lives. There is no greater joy than watching young people, including her children, apply their biblical knowledge to their lives and prayerfully seek guidance.

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