Wednesday, April 3, 2019

March 2019 Loft Reads

March kicked off with bitter temperatures which afforded me the opportunity to me to spend time inside planning for the upcoming process of experimenting with our garden beds. 

March went by quickly. I watch gardening shows and read articles by Alys Fowler, Helen Dillion, Bob Flowerdew, and Monty Don to name a few. I interviewed Richard Bray and read his book on mushroom cultivation. 

March is generally the month that I scour through a variety of seed catalogs read through environmental reviews,  garden encyclopedias, and leaf through my favorite nature books. 
I've listed a some below

Can Poetry Save the Earth A Field Guide to Nature Poems by John Feldstiner
This is a wonderful collection of nature poems. As I sit here and listen to the house finches that are playing in our forsythia and lilac bushes, I recall a poem about a cold early spring.

John Muir Wildness Protector by Ginger Wadsworth
Nature nuts, like myself, appreciate Muir's influence on our National park system. This biography chronicles his history and includes photos of Muir who was a dedicated botanist who studied heavily while exploring. 

At Home in the Country by Mary Emmerling
This is a delightful book to look at. The month of  March shows off a collection of crocks with wooden utensils. I love the Marinated Grilled Vegetables and plan to use some of the spring dessert recipes.

American Impressions Masterworks from American Art Forum Collection Book of Days by Staff of Smithsonian Institution
Misty and cloudy landscapes frequently draw my attention and this book includes Landscape with Pond, by Henry Farrer,  1893, which depicts this atmosphere.

Rediscovered Treasures A New Life for Old Objects by Ellen Dyrop and Hanna Kristinsdottir
This book has fantastic suggestions on utilizing found objects such as old cake tins for candle molds, pitchers for Muscari Armeniacum bulbs, and there's an interesting section on utilizing old preservings jars.

I'm holding onto this 2016 autumn issue of  Green Craft magazine as it has sustainable projects. As I opened a few pages in, the image of a wooden crate is a reminder for me to get out our old wine crate and make a small herb garden for the porch. 

The Last Farmer An American Memoir by Howard Kohn 
This is an intriguing read and speaks of family dynamics and sacrifices. It mentions many places I have been to and it is a reminder that families are sometimes so focused on the differences that we may forget to look at our similarities.

 I also watched some movies adapted from books below.

The top 10 Audience for March 2019 is from the United States, Ukraine, France, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, and an unknown region. 

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