Thursday, August 1, 2019

Nose in a Book

I've been reviewing book for years and was the typical nose in a book kid who would escape to my room and read anything I could get my hands on—classics, comics, history, mysteries, poetry, romance, sci-fi/ fantasy, and non-fiction lined my shelves.

I approach reading as an adult much the same way I did as a kid. I devour books!

Over the years, I have reviewed thousands of titles, and have posted hundreds of book reviews received from publishing houses, agents and authors.

Occasionally, I receive emails asking about my review process. Basically, my reviews are a  few paragraphs or more and I give an analysis of what I've read. I tend to look at what I consider to be the highlights and/or point out character traits and occasionally I provide small quotes.

I know many book reviewers work from a 5 tier pyramid in tandem to the 5-star rating system. I expect I do follow a few tiers as to digest a book I have to first find it to be readable - meaning I can follow the storyline and often I include a conclusion.

If you look at statistics, my highest rated book reviews are typically my military/war reads.

Unlike many reviewers,  I don't necessarily like identifiable characters. I tend to be more attracted to reading authentic characters or those I would consider being way out there. And one thing I seldom do is compare a similar book, as I find this to be distracting. I'm quite good a predicting so I like a story that sparks imagination or speaks to the depths of my soul. 

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