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The Truth About Gretchen Alretha Thomas

The Truth About Gretchen 
 Alretha Thomas 
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Publication Date: June 18, 2019
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Release date: Jun 18, 2019

Gretchen Holloway, in her final year of graduate school, is in the throes of auditioning actors for her thesis film, inspired by a murdered young football star who has haunted her dreams for two years. Gretchen believes making the movie will be cathartic. But instead of freeing her, embarking upon the film production unleashes a sequence of events that lead Gretchen to conclude that she’s the reincarnation of the young man. 

Regina Wilson has always wanted to be an actress. When her agent gets her an audition for a role in Gretchen’s film, which eerily mirrors one of the worst events of her life—the unsolved murder of her older brother, Robert—she’s hard-pressed to go through with it. Upon fleeing, she leaves behind a keepsake that features Robert’s photo. Gretchen sees the picture and recognizes Robert from her dreams. She tracks down Regina, and after being rebuffed and called crazy, Gretchen’s unexplainable knowledge of events in Robert’s life eventually convinces Regina that Gretchen is Robert reincarnated.

The two decide to have his case reopened, but their significant others are dead set against it, and the police, who believe that Robert’s death was gang-related, are less than cooperative. However, Gretchen is desperate to get justice for her former self, and Regina wants justice for her brother. The women piece together the final week of Robert’s life. And the deeper they delve into his past; one shocking revelation follows another, leaving them wondering who they can trust and if they’ll live long enough to find Robert’s killer and bring him to justice.

My Thoughts

Thomas begins this tale with a Patriot jersey clad redhead, Gretchen Holloway, laying in bed next to her fiance Lance. She is reliving a nightmare and soon you learn it's been 2 years since she really got any good sleep.

Into the story steps forthy tw0 old Regina Wilson who introduces, Robert Parker. 

Robert was gunned down on an important day in history,  January 1, 1991. Robert was only 24 years old.

Regina is going to audition for Gretchen but backs out at the last moment leaving behind an object that can hold or transport something. And readers learn this will forever tie the two together.

Subsequently, Gretchen finds the object and recognizes the man from her nightmare -  the man she believes she once was.

This intricate story is written in the first-person present. I love the significance of the drops of water and the way other characters are pulled into this story. The conversational passage of transmigration is intriguing and Thomas's writing style is strong and allows readers to have a vivid sense of effect.

I received a copy of this book through the generosity of the author.

About the Author

Alretha Thomas is an award-winning author, playwright, director, and producer. 

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