Saturday, March 28, 2020

John Dietrich and Other Tales of Germany.

I have been receiving many ARC's and other review requests. 

This morning, I pulled John Detrich and Other Tales of Germany to browse through. I love fairy tales and purchased this book at the Nevermore Used Book Store a few years back. 

This copy had some scribbles on the inside cover and written in cursive is Dec 10-15 from Grandma. 

John Dietrich and other stories from The Fairy Book by Mrs. Craik. The  copy was printed in Great Britain  and includes lovely illustrations like the one by  INNES FRIPP

Contents are John Dietrich, Rumplestilzchen, Snow-white and Rose-red, The Iron Snow, The Fair One with Golden Locks, Tom Thumb, The Woodcutter's Daughter, and Brother and Sister.

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