Friday, August 14, 2020

Books, not so long ago

It has been a while since I posted about the book requests I have been receiving from authors, agents and publishers and that got me to thinking about how much we accumulate in our lives over time. 

I was watching a movie awhile back where the lead character went to tear down a wall and found a box of old letters from previous residents inside.

I personally love it when works of history are combined with diaries, documentation, letters, and maps.

Has something you ever heard about when young, but not fully understood, inspired you to pick up a book to learn more about the subject?

The rest of this month I will be tackling those TBR's that have to do with history and I have elected to go back to a time period I seldom read. I'm traveling back to the 1500s - 1600s.

Other than that, I'm finishing up an advance reader copy of a coming of age story that takes place during Hurricane Katrina and reading an author whose focal point is Cleveland, Ohio. I will be posting those reviews before long.

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