Parent Imperfect Paul Lamb

There are some books that we pick up to read and just fly through the pages. I found Parent Imperfect to be one of those books. 

If you have not heard of Parent Imperfect perhaps it is because I have the advanced reader copy. This is Paul Lamb's latest book. It is a forthcoming sequel to his book One-Match Fire and Parent Imperfect is scheduled to be published by Blue Cedar Press on June 1, 2024.

If you are intrigued by the graphic image above which shows the Mercury dime and a buffalo nickel you ought to check out Lamb's website to see how he came upon these items that appear on the front cover.

Now back to the story.

This story is very detailed and I like many things about this piece of literary fiction. 

First and foremost, the story is fully grounded in character-building based on human relationships and this narrative draws me in with the characters Curt and Kelly from the first novel. We learn they create a union of both families and adopt a son.

Early on, in the cabin in the Ozarks, readers witness a family ritual continues. 

Throughout this story, there are expressions of curiosity, apprehension, and love.  There is the meaningful planting of spruce trees and the storyline also explores the psychological aspects of assault, PTSD, and DNA testing.  

Readers will recognize nature is an amazing motivator and healer - providing inspiration for activity as well as for relaxation. 

About the Author

You can learn about Paul Lamb at his website Lucky Rabbit's Foot.