Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Connecting Through a Read

We will soon be preparing for a Holiday get - together with family. These people have known me since I was a child and reading participant. 

When I accepted a position many years ago in a library that reading role expanded. And when questioned, I'd say I love books and explain, my mom took me, and siblings, to the library where we were involved in the summer reading program.

You see. The best thing about that library position was I was surrounded by books and able to read and help others with their selections. I also had the opportunity to learn what people enjoyed most about what they were reading, and was able to recognize we often have more in common than we realize.

Well fast forward many years and one of my first reviews posted on this blog was an awesome read about a bookstore owner. The description lured me in with the motto "No Man Is an Island; Every Book Is a World." 

Yes, we can all connect through a read!

Around this same time, I also had an author request I read and review a thriller he'd published. Afterward, we discussed the book at length, as I had many questions about the direction the main character was going.

And shortly after this a terribly frightening thing happened.

We had a FLOOD. 

As we were under a state of emergency, thoughts filled my mind with what this might mean to our libraries collection. You see, our library sets to the east of the creek bed and when the creek toppled, they informed us they were going to start sandbagging. But the water moved in so quickly, a large number of library books were moved to safety, as a precautionary measure.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I was notified that I'd won a book raffle. Yes, my name and 9 others were selected in a random drawing, for a free autographed book which would soon arrive on my doorstep. As a result, I joined a book club and some online groups to discuss my love of books and be connected to bloggers, educators, librarians, publishers, reviewers, and sellers.

Nowadays, I do receive a lot of ebooks to read/review. But I also often find myself sitting on the floor, in old bookstores, or looking through stacks at the library, searching through books while responding to book club members or making notes about future choices.

It has been a beautiful year of words. And my goal is to continue connecting through a read.

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