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The Colourless

The Colourless
Legends of the Lost Tribes (Book 1)
Kitty Lewis
Print Length: 348 pages
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Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group 
Publication Date: March 18, 2018
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Language: English



When Kandrina’s beloved older brother Perlak was taken by the fearsome Lightning Demons, she swore an oath to the gods that she would avenge him. But the Demons may not be as evil as the People’s temples say they are.They may not even be responsible for her brother’s death. Her tutor Remlik has another theory, but when Kandrina tries to explain it to her father, she is declared a heretic. The priests punish her, but she is rescued by a curious Demon, who takes her to their crystal city on the plains and begins teaching her that the two races are not so different.

My Thoughts

"Legends Of The Lost Tribes" book series by author Kitty Lewis is intriguing. Tribes who live, or have lived, without significant contact with civilization have always fascinated me and I love the way I am immediately pulled into this story with the heavily detailed history and world-building of the Lost Tribes.  

As the story begins, we are aware that Kandrina has already lost her mother. And, her brother, Perlak is also taken by the wicked Tanpèt Zèklè, commonly called Lightning Demons.

We see early on that Kandrina's remaining family are forced to sadly watch, as the shaman dance around Perlak's grave, to sanctify it. And while her father, Harndak, is busy burying himself in religion, Kandrina is devoted to learning more about the demons that took her mother and brother.

In this story, the author also expresses a love of books. When Kandrina sneaks out to meet her mentor  Remlik, she carries along books and scrolls. Her hope is to find Lerdran who wrote a book about the demons and later she has a meeting with Wordarla at the library.

This tale of the lost tribes is almost impossible to explain due to its many intricacies. 

Throughout the story, we see people in peril as they were declared heretics if they didn't agree with the high priests. This read also has hints of magic involved. We see Remlik, has a secret cellar and he and his twin sister, practice fire spells. Kandrina is rescued by a curious Demon, and all the while, she continues on a course to learn more about beings of pure light, which can take on many forms.

I received this book from Beacon Publishing Group for an honest review.

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