Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017 Loft Reads and more

The month of June, I’ve been musing more than usual about books. And, this month, I read two books about books.

 In, The Storied Life of A.J. FikryA.J. Fikry's notations were beautiful. But more than that, I just loved that these people...and that they loved books. The references to other authors were brilliant. It was wonderful they included Poe's Tamerlane and other poems. Back in 2009,  it sold for $662,500 at N.Y. auction. If I recall correctly, Poe wrote it when he was a teenager and published it anonymously.  There were about a dozen copies left.

Ink and Bone made me ponder how terrible it would be if we did not to have access to books.  Sure, I read a lot of ebooks. But, read more of print. I also have a lot of hardbacks that I would never want to part with. 


Ink and Bone focuses a lot on the LIBRARY. 

Can you guess where I spent most of my childhood- teenage years? You guessed it. Inside this library.

Descendants Rotten To The Core is cool.Large eyes, pointed chins and triangular noses often come to mind when someone says "manga". Three-dimensional characters are brilliant and show depth. And I love Disney.

June 23rd, I received the autographed book Homecoming Game (won in a raffle). This ended up being an awesome sports fiction story with a great message. I like the way the author interlaced the relationships to make it an educational and fun read as well as thought-provoking.The author Blake Sebring has written 7 other books. I've read 5 - have 2 to go.

 The Naturalist Notebook is a treasure. One of the author's spent time at Audubon and his illustrations are amazing.And the detailed accounts of sightings are wonderful. 

In fact, I have not read a bad outdoor-nature book yet. 

The poetry reads have been amazing too.

The Woman without A Voice'. really opened my eyes to the hardships the pioneers faced. Truly, I never considered they could only walk as fast as their pigs. And, they buried their loved ones on the trail and ran over the area, repeatedly, to keep the scent out, so wolves did not get to the bodies. 

Minik: The New York Eskimo was the most difficult book I read this month. In that, it was historically detailed and the accounts went back over a hundred years. It also was heartbreaking.

The author Kenn Harper did a slew of research on this book. And he included things that Minik had written. Yes, I know some reader's voiced concerns and dislike for his detailing. But, really (to me) his depth of detail is appropriate for this subject matter.

I can not begin to tell you how much I learned through this work of non-fiction about people whose names I'd studied in history. Only these accounts Kenn detailed were never mentioned by my teachers because they were not aware of them at that time.

This month, I posted a lot of reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, 20 feedbacks on Net Galley  (mostly ARC's), and 1 on Blogging for BooksI looked over my reviews and it appears it had been a month of manga, memoir, murky goings-on, period pieces, poetry, 1 romantic-comedy, 1 sport, a slew of gardening, outdoor and nature works, and many colorful children's books. There were also a few books I could not pigeonhole.  

That pretty much rounds up June reads. According to the Book Riot Challenge, I'm doing okay. Goodreads, shows I am ahead of schedule in my yearly challenge. It looks like I have read more than usual this month. (Yes, poetry and children's books count.)

Overall, the month of June has had its share of lovely weather. Enough so, we got the bushes ( forsythia and lilac's) trimmed before our city did the brush pick up. I also planted tomatoes, petunias, and impatiens

We opened the tent trailer a few times too.
I enjoy spending time there. The camper affords me a great natural light. I like being surrounded by the sounds of songbirds while I read. There is a field behind the camper so when I pause, I see a lot of butterflies. There are also rabbit holes so I get to watch bunnies scampering around.

It's the last day of June and it's raining here. I love the sound of rain. It lulled me to sleep. When I woke, I found a package on the porch. Inside, was 'The Tea Planter's Wife'. (I had expected it - but not this soon. ) 

Have you read any Dinah JefferiesI have not read her. But, the back cover sounded intriguing.  Which makes me realize, I always look at the description and never choose a book by the cover.

Anyway, I guess you know what I will be doing in July.

Have a happy and safe July, Lori

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