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Recently, when we walked in the door at Alter-Ego Comics we were greeted by this lone Stormtrooper.  Normally, we see stormtroopers in hordes like the time they chased Han and Chewbacca through the halls of the Death Star. So, I snapped this photo of him on my cell phone and later had my husband go stand next to him. My husband just shook his head at the lengths he goes to - to amuse me. When we got back home, I ink outlined the image with my editor. 

Over the years, comic books have changed. The graphics have gotten bolder and some have gotten darker. I say this as I spent time looking through a copy of writer Frank Tieri and artist Oleg Okunev comic book Pestilence.  This brought about a discussion with the husband about stopping the zombie outbreak. Another time he just shook his head, as I smirked.

So what are some of my favorite comics?

Well for Marvel, I am pretty big on Spider-Man. As Peter Parker, he is a person I can relate to. Plus, I like his genius-level intellect and his super cool powers.

X-Men and WOLVERINE in general. I appreciate his regenerative abilities. I also appreciate that Hugh Jackman played this character for 17 years. And next to  Wolverine, I like Rogue. I feel sympathetic to her character draining the life force from anyone she touches.

For Sci-Fi Fantasy, I'm huge on Star Trek. When my husband gets in one of his moods I just call him James T. (All Star Trek fans know the T. is short for Tiberius.) Then I jokingly remind him to boldly go where no one has gone before.

For Fine Art, I'm impressed with the Dark Knight Saves Gotham City 10"x14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas Thomas Kinkade Studios, as I appreciate the detailing on the building.

For action figures, I like Marvel's Black Panther Fine Art Statue by Kotobukiya. The statue alone is cool. But it also has an awesome ancient panther base that is overgrown with foliage.

For DC: We walked over to the aisle of comics and stood and leafed through Future Quest. This brought back fond memories. Johnny Quest and Space Ghost were on every Saturday when we were kids and that is where our love of comics started. You can click above on the characters for links to their various websites.

If you are into graphic novels as I am you may wish to check out these 50 Essential Graphic Novels. 

Below are some of my recent comic and graphic novel reads. Click on the title to link to the review.



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