Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 2017 Loft Reads and More

The month of November we had Thanksgiving and put up our Christmas decor and lights for the Holidays.

We also took a drive to Hyde Brothers Booksellers. 

This is one of the largest bookstores in Indiana. 

We enjoy this store. And, we spent a lazy afternoon there. 

Earlier this year, LibraryThing selected me to receive an Early Reviewers copy of this near future New Zealand book, Hounds of the Underworld

Amidst toxic fumes and crashed crime scenes, this short, quick read has everything and everyone in a state of uncontrolled excitement, including this reader. Yes, I enjoyed the writing and truly liked the ending. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series

I received Nourished from Blogging for Books. Let's just say I adore recipes! I find when I do turn on the television, I flip the remote to a channel where someone is cooking, or perhaps touring a locale where food is involved. And now that you are aware I am obsessed with food, I will tell you when it comes to recipes, I linger over those that mention vegetables and herbs I grow in my own garden. 

The Girl Who Came Back When I first saw this  book cover with the abandoned swing I immediately thought, "where is the child?" Yes, it seems that every day we wake up and hope our children, or those around us, are safe. 

This thriller was a quick read. As the story unfolds, we watch characters trying to make sense of things and see how lives are intertwined. All the while, we follow this suspenseful read, with many twists.

In American Wolf we learn about the wolves and people who spend their lives to study these majestic creatures, while others hunt them,  in the extraordinary beauty, that is, and surrounds, Yellowstone National Park.

Through this well-written book of notes and amazingly detailed observations, we witness the journey of the American Wolf as it trudged through an eradication program, to a conservation movement.

Straight Talk on Decorating by Lynette Jennings

My favorite section of this book explains that color is not finite so I am better able to appreciate the instructive ideas from this designer who communicates well. 

So, if you're searching for an instinctive talent which discusses color schemes in detail you might check out this book and its lovely photos

I had a few children's reads this month and as a child, I did journal so it's not surprising I enjoyed the book Polly Diamond and the Magic Book. It was a fun imaginative read. And, I believe children will be drawn to learning about Polly adventures. The story was an easy read with adorable illustrations, making it fun to learn about writing and words through Polly's new magical journal.

Caillou Plays Hockey This book was a really easy read, with colorful illustrations and great lessons. I like that dad took him to a store to purchase 2nd hand hockey equipment. And explained to him that a dream will only be achieved with dedication and experience. The more Caillou practiced the better his hockey skills. 

A Tale of Two Mommies by Vanita Oelschlager  Illustrator: Mike Blanc 
What I enjoyed most about this book is; when the child answers the questions about his family, you know both mommies are sharing parenting duties and are lovingly involved in what the child does.

I purchased another Spider-Man Comic. This one has Kraven on the cover with Spidy.

Disney Manga Fairies - Petite's Fairy Diary
I'm glad a place like Pixie Hollow has a character like Petite. She teaches us even when things don't always go like we think they should, we need to keep on trying.

It has been a fun month filled with animal, outdoor and nature works, science-fiction/fantasy, thriller and colorful children's books. November feedbacks on Net Galley were 4. 
I did 2 reviews for Blogging for Books and 1 for LibraryThing and also reviewed some home/decor books too. 

That pretty much rounds up November reads. According to the Book Riot Challenge, I'm almost done. I'm ahead of schedule in my yearly challenge of 104 books. I currently have 3 Galley's waiting to be read and the book, The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell should be arriving soon.

At last check, I have 18 countries viewership for my blog pages. Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Holidays to you.

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