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 Here's a growing collection of my poetry reviews. 
Please click on the title for the review.

Rags to Rags  Cas Amato ( poetry within memoir)

Alignment of Thoughts Mihai Brinas

Crossroads Mihai Brinas

Invitation to Poetry Mihai Brians

Thaw  Chelsea Dingman

Steam Dummy & Fragments From The Fire by Chris Llewellyn

Poetry for Kids   Robert Frost

THE YOUNG GUARD - E. W. Hornung World War I Poems & Author's War Memoirs: Consecration, Lord's Leave, Last Post, The Old Boys, Ruddy Young Ginger, The Ballad of Ensign ... Uppingham Song and Wooden Crosses

The Book of American Negro Poetry James Weldon Johnson

Adore and Lament Francisco Ojeda

The Frightful Verses Francisco Ojeda

Poe by Boom Studios

Poe: Stories and Poem  Gareth Hinds

The Tell-Tale Heart   Edgar Allan Poe

Fish Eyes for Pearls Masha Lee Savitz ( poetry within memoir)

The Woman Without a Voice   Louise Farmer Smith 

( Verse within family memoir)

We Stood Upon Stars  Roger Thompson (poetic collection)

I Give You My Heart by Pimm van Hest & Sassafras de Bruyn  ( poetic tale)

The Writers Bloc Club  Don Lubov

Ada Lovelace Isabel Sanchez Vegara

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